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We dedicate ourselves to giving you the highest quality ponds or pond cleanings in all Southeast New England and neighboring states. Let our ponds give you smiles and let our clear water give you clear thoughts for the day!

Crystal Clear and Clean Water is What We Do Best!
Just listen to our satisfied customers!


"Its been a pleasure to have you work for us installing the aeration systgem. My only complaint is the Pepsi bill !!!

Will talk and have you back next Spring!."

-Mike Sarlin

I want to Thank You for turning my fish pond around. As you know, I didn't come to you right away thinking that it was easy buying from the other place thinking they would know what they were talking about. Thankfully I went to your shop and talked with you. You took time that day to come to my house to look at my pond. At that moment you saw what I needed.

So glad you set me up with the proper filter and a UV. After adding some additives, within a week my pond was clear and I could see my fish again. So thank you and if I have more problems with my pond I know who to go to!"

-Leah Goslin

It is with great respect and satisfaction that I am sending this recommendation for Mr. Gogan to use as a reference.

After experiencing a most difficult time over a five year period, with another contractor, we were referred to Mr. Gogan and explained our problem. He came over to our home, the following day and reviewed the system and immediately knew how to correct it. He completed the work within a week and has continued to stop by frequently along with doing thorough cleaning on a 3 to 4 week basis.

Mr. Gogan is honest, functions on a contractual basis. He will be opening and closing (spring and fall) our pond. He accepts responsibility and stands behind his contract in addition to his work.

Please feel completely confident that you have chosen someone who is competent and will commit to doing fine work. He has a work ethic that is to be admired and takes great pride in his work efforts."

A most satisfied customer,
-Carol A. Wiltrout

"I feel the need to share our wonderful experience that we had with Bob from Pond Works in Moosup because this man truly created a masterpiece of serenity in our yard. He started with absolutely nothing; no hills, flat useless terrain of nothingness and evolved it single handedly (well with a little help from a worker) into a place of nature, peace and tranquility.

Within one weeks time (weather being a factor), Bob diligently picked the perfect stones, cut massive rocks into perfect puzzle pieces and built our new fish pond. He also created a waterfall as the backdrop. He had a vision of what it would become right from the beginning, but explained to us all along that it would evolve on its own and he never truly knows exactly what it's going to look like. He created something you never could have imagined on your own! Then the fun of going to his shop and picking out your perfect fish and plants just tops off the whole experience. He is the expert, so believe what he tells you.

Graeme and I highly recommend Pond Works to create something in your yard that you could only dream of owning. And his follow through and customer service regarding questions and concerns is unmatched by any one else we have worked with! Thanks Bob!"

-Graeme Everson and Kristin Eno

"I would like to thank you for the beautiful pond and waterfall you constructed at my home. The time you spent placing each stone perfectly to get the look and sound I was looking for is very much appreciated.

You are truly a talented craftsman and amazing visionary. I cannot wait to work with you again when I am ready to put in a backyard pond.

Again, thank you for the incredible work you did."

-Renata Puchala

"If you want an experienced, hard working professional to build you an enjoyable and relaxing water feature for your home or business call Bob Gogan, aka "Frogman Bob".

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Bob Gogan of Stone Works Pond & Supplies of Moosup, CT as a thank you for helping us finish our water feature.

Bob's expertise, advice and hard work helped us to complete a project started but never finished. We couldn't quite figure out how to pull it all together until Bob came to the rescue. It took only a short couple of weeks and our dream pond has become a reality.

Now after a long day's work we sit by our pond and watch the fish swim while listening to the soothing sounds of the water falls. It is so relaxing...."

Thanks Frognam!
-Karen and Earl Latterell

"About five years ago, I installed a small pond bordering my patio in my back yard. I read little about the essentials to installing a fish pond and thought that since it wasn't 'rocket science' I would do it myself and save some money. Big mistake. My pond looked real amateurish and was a nightmare to maintain. We bought a few Koi, which multiplied over years so we had about 30 Koi by mid-summer this year (2009). When I installed the pond I used a small submersible pump along with a small pressurized biological filter. Neither were large enough or the appropriate design to keep the pond clean. I constantly had a 'green water' problem with high algae, because the pond is in full sunlight until late in the afternoon. I was pumping water out of the pond about once a week, and opening up the filter to clean the filter media each week. Within a day of replacing the water in the pond, it would be green again - so green that we could not see the fish.

It became obvious that the pond, as I had built it, would not support the fish much longer. We were worried about losing the fish one by one. I read as much as I could about how to properly construct a fish pond and decided to try again; however, my wife convinced me to talk with Dr. Clearwater (Bob Gogan). We made arrangements to take a look at his Koi pond; we decided if it appeared that he knew what he was doing we would ask him for a quote on a complete reconstruction of our pond, to include expansion. We probably spent an hour at his residence, admiring his Koi pond and asking him questions galore. He freely gave his time and answered all of our questions. It was obvious that this guy knew what he was doing, and that he had the proof to show it in his pond!! If anyone is considering building a pond, you absolutely need to visit Bob's place first - you will leave with the confidence and quiet assurance that Bob knows how to properly build a pond!!

Bob convinced me that a bottom drain with external pump and biological filter, along with UV filters, was the way for us to have clear water all the time. Within a week and a half of signing the contract with Bob, our new pond was complete, and what a gem!! We have two waterfalls, a skimmer, a bottom drain, external pump, external biological filter, and UV filters AND we have CLEAR WATER!!! The stone work is majestic, a masterful job. The Koi really seem to enjoy their new home; they especially seem attracted to the 'bog area,' a shallow area in one corner with a few plants and smooth rocks. The fish enjoy rubbing against the rocks. The small bog area is the only place in our pond that has rocks within the pond. There is carpet padding beneath the liner. I mention this because my wife and I go into the pond and play with the fish several times a week, and we don't have to worry about hurting our bare feet on the bottom, because thee is only the carpet padding (beneath the liner) and the rubber liner to work on. It's like walking on a soft carpet. I can't say enough good things bout our new pond. We enjoy showing it off to our friends and relatives. Oh, and the filter is extremely simple to clean; it's just a matter of shutting off the pump, turning a leaver on the filter to clean it, turning the pump back on, and then resetting the filter jets (by turning the leaver to another position), and finally turning the leaver back to the filter position. It takes about five minutes every week or two - simply amazing!!

I could not be happier with this system. I would recommend Bob Gogan to anyone who is looking to have a pond installed, whether it be as a water garden or a fish pond."

-Richard Oraskovich

"We met Mr. Bob Gogan from StoneWorks Ponds several years ago. We were looking for someplace to buy supplies for our fish pond that was close and convenient. Over the past few years we have gone to Bob for all of our pond needs, whether it is plants, food or filters.

We had two small tub ponds we purchased from a garden supply store and installed ourselves ten years ago. We just didn't seem to get any information or explanation to some of our questions regarding the maintenance of our pond. After we met Bob this all changed, he was always accommodating and very knowledgeable. He would explain in detail what our pond needed both in the way of maintenance and beautification.

This year, however, our ten year old tub ponds and its pump and filter had grown old and tired requiring daily maintenance. And this daily maintenance soon grew old on us too. We went to see Bob and he heard our frustration. Bob wanted to give us a pond that not only was low maintenance but also beautiful.

We now have a beautiful pond that fits our lifestyle. Bob took pride in building our pond from beginning to end. He answered all of our questions thoroughly and professionally and we know he is just a phone call away if we need his expertise. He took just a few minutes to give us a written quote and he came in right on target. We would like to recommend Bob to anyone who is looking to add or upgrade a pond to their landscape. We are glad we did.."

-Sue & Bob Senay

" It is with honor that I write this letter of recommendation for Bob Gogan.  I first met Bob last summer when my fish pond began to leak.  He was recommended to me by another gardener/fish pond enthusiast and I was immediately impressed by the passion he expressed in his avocation—working with fish ponds.

Although he was the expert in what needed to be done with my problem, it was the way he went about tackling the problem that was impressive.  He was timely, extremely efficient, knowledgeable, competent, hard working and dedicated to the job at hand.
Because of that first experience, bob has since come back to completely renovate our pond.  The completed pond is outstanding.  But then, I never expected less.

This letter, however, is more about Bob the person, not Bob the pond-man.  His commitment to doing first=class work is immediately apparent upon meeting him.  He takes great pride in all that he does.  He exudes honesty and trust.  He laid out his plan and followed through without my having to question when, where, or why.  He works hard, putting in a full day with few breaks.  As I am a nursing instructor/program director, I expect efficiency and organization.   I found this in Bob.  But most valuable in anything one does is the passion that one puts into their work.  Bob has passion, be it building a fish pond, driving a truck, displaying his love for his country.  It’s passion that keeps him honest, dedicated and trustworthy.

I highly recommend Bob for whatever position he is applying.  He would be an excellent asset to any job into which he puts his mind, heart and back. Thank you for this opportunity to write this letter of recommendation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 860-887-6107."

-Katherine C. Pellerin

"Thank you for the great job you did installing our ponds. We are both very pleased with the quality of work you did. You took our ideas and improved on them to come up with a terrific and enjoyable design. You saw our vision and turned it into a beautiful and peaceful creation that we enjoy for hours.

Our pool looks really great away from the house and nestled beneath our maple tree. We are able to hear it through our bedroom window at night, which gives us a wonderful peaceful rest.

You are truly a master craftsman in your field. Thank you for the service and the wonderful pond that we will enjoy for many many years to come. We highly recommend you for the service and professionalism of your work. There are others out there; but we chose you because of the way you take ownership of a project always being certain that it is done to the homeowner's approval and wishes."

-Harold & Dazell Ward

"For years we dreamed of having a pond in our yard, but were never quite sure where to begin. We spent many months reading through magazines, visiting local garden specialty stores, but we weren't convinced we had enough information to move ahead with our plans. All that changed once we met you and saw the ponds you designed. Scott and I aren't the kind of people who spend money without giving it a lot of thought, but we were very comfortable with you from the beginning and knew we found the right person to help us.

Thank you for the countless hours you spent working with us to create a pond and waterfall that is a perfect fit for our yard. Your unique ability to visualize and design a pond that suited our yard was amazing. You are a true professional in every sense of the word; you returned phone calls quickly, were very patient with our countless questions and you communicated with us every step of the way. In the short amount of time you worked with us you always made it clear that our satisfaction was a priority, and that means a lot.

The stresses of everyday life seem a million miles away as we sit outside enjoying the sounds of our new pond and waterfall. We now have a wonderful place to relax after we come home from a long day of work and it's like being on vacation right in our own backyard!

The end result was much more than we ever hoped for, and we appreciate the time you devoted to our project. If you ever need a reference for future jobs, please do not hesitate to pass our name on to your customers."

-Scott & Paula Springer

"For several years I had been dreaming of complimenting the garden in the back of our house in Pomfret with a water garden. I contacted Stone Works Ponds. Bob Gogan came to the house and began to create a beautiful addition to our property.

The project was completed and up and running on time and on budget. Bob worked through some of the hottest weather of last summer. The pond turned out to be a work of art built into a hillside complete with water fall. Bob not only built our water feature but has responded quickly to any questions my wife or I have had in regard to its maintenance. The water has been crystal clean and the sound of the falling water has been very relaxing. We could not be happier with the finished project.

I would recommend Stone Works Ponds to anyone. Our experience has been quite positive."

-George W. Groom

"This letter of reference is for Bob Gogan of Stoneworks in Danielson. Bob as been working with our Agriculture Education Department at Killingly High School since last fall to renovate a pond in our school courtyard. Bob has worked with my students on the renovation plans and worked along side of them as they did the excavation.

He has donated his time to the project as well as soliciting donations from suppliers for our cash strapped project. Everything else he has sold us at cost. This project will be completed next month and it would not have been possible without Mr. Gogan's expertise and hard work.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (860) 770-6675."

-Ken Couture, Agriculture Teacher, Killingly Agriculture Education Center.

"It is a pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Bob Gogan owner of Stoneworks Ponds and Supplies. My wife and I first met Bob at a New London Home Show. We were looking for information on why we were having a problem with the water quality of our pond. Our pond was green.

Of all the pond vendors that we spoke to, Bob was the most knowledgeable and the most creative. We hired Bob to revamp our current pond system. He installed a new filter system so our water is now sparkling and he rebuilt our simple waterfall into a vigorous cascading fall. He did a great job.

We are extremely pleased with the quality of the work and the continued professional contact which Bob provides. We proudly recommend Bob Gogan of Stoneworks Ponds & Supplies."

-Michael and Cecile Kirby

"Our new water garden is lovely, thanks to you. The design is so perfect for our landscape; it fits the area we decided on, and makes it look so natural. You fulfilled everything we talked about 'to the letter'. You were so pleasant to work with.

Thanks for the wonderful look you have given our yard."

-Frank & Janet Abissi

"We had an algae problem. Our 14' pond was was green as green could be. Visibility ended. On Mr. Gogan's recommendations, we chose a product that would solve our problem. Bob and his partner arrived at our house. They went to work with a vengeance.

Our pond was back into proper working order. All within a few days, our pond is now free of algae and Crystal Clear."

-Marie Treadway & Mark Koji

"I recently contracted with Stoneworks to construct a 1500+ gallon fish pond and water garden at my home on Pachaug Pond in Griswold, CT. Bob proceeded to construct the pond exactly as agreed and within a few days I had a garden with fish which is now a joy to my wife and I and our young grandchildren.

I would certainly recommend that you consider Stoneworks for your water garden."

-F. Clyde Seaman

Are you sick from the green blahs?
Have you lost your fish in the murky depths?

Do what I did! Call Dr. Clearwater, a.k.a. Bob (StoneWorks) @ 779-1026. He makes housecalls and has the prescription for a sparkling recovery: knowledge, honesty and commitment. He'll have you singing, 'I can see clearly now, the green is gone!' "
-Vin Palladino
Count on us to get it right and make it beautiful The First Time! Our installations are guaranteed not to leak with a full line of warranties.

Not into installations? Already have a pond?
Let us turn your water from green to clean!

Email: Robert Gogan,Owner, a.k.a. Dr. ClearWater