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We invite you to visit some of our most recent projects.
Simply click on the image for more detailed before & after pictures.

(Each detail page will open in its own window, simply close it to return).

Johnston, Rhode Island

Stoneworks Moosup

Graenie Everson

Stoneworks Moosup

Chris's Pond

Stoneworks Moosup

Old Killingly High

Valarie Aliano

Stoneworks Moosup

StoneWorks Moosup

Stoneworks Moosup


Barbara Tucker

Katherine Pellerin

Chesire, CT

Jenks Road, Schuate, RI

Renea Plat Riley

Earl Lahrell

George Palmer, Gales Ferry


Sue Seney, Moosup

Mike & Nancy Grohoci

Maranatha Retreat Center

StoneWorks Moosup

StoneWorks Moosup

Killingly High School

Killingly High School

Sue's Bait Box

Sue's Bait Box

Mrs. Stern's Yard

River View Landscaping

River View

Mr. & Mrs. Patenaude

Mr. and Mrs. Patenaude

Mr. Kjellberg

Mr. Kjellberg's

Stoneworks Ponds

Stoneworks Ponds Newest Pond

Ken & Marie Haggerty

Ken and Marie Haggerty

Mr. Burligame

Burligame Property

Please visit some of our other past projects:

Big-Y Floral Shop
Danielson, CT

Laurie Tradeau's Pond
Putnam, CT

Ledge Pond

From basketball court to pond


Off the deck

Bob's Pond, 2,200 gallons
Length 12' Width 12' Depth 2'

Bob's Other Pond
Length 15' Width 15' Depth 2'
4,200 gallons, with skimmer

Frank & Janet's Pond
length 16', width 15', depth 2'
3,500 gallons, bottom drain

Smithfield, RI

Susan's Pond
Length 14' Width 6' Depth 2'

Terri's Pond
Length 16' Width 5' Depth 2.5'
2,200 gallons, bottom drain 4,200 gallons, with skimmer

Pond in a box
5 x 6 x 2, 450 gallons

Clyde's Pond
8 x 12 x 2, 1,440 gallons

Keith Olson's Pond

Kuchy Construction Pond

Bob Gibson's Pond, Union, CT
14 x 14, 2,290 gallons

Tony's Pond
Woodstock, CT

Shrine, Storrs, CT

The Killingly High School
Drama Club Indoor Pond!

The indoor Stone Works Pond

Betsy Kravizts' Pond
Jefferson, Massachusetts

Carl Gentry's Pond Pomfret, Connecticut

George Groom's Pond Pomfret, Connecticut

Ballouville Road Ballouville, Connecticut